Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday is a three-piece post grunge band from El Reno Oklahoma. Their music consists of raw guitar riffs blended with deep translucent vocals. Cheerful and aggressive songs accompanied with lively and often controversial lyrical topics.

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Who is UnTitled?

Small town kid, chasing a big city dream. Passion for music all types not just rap/hip-hop, hoping to prove to everyone you can come from ANYWHERE, and become ANYTHING. Becoming a voice for those who are to scared to speak up.

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The 2nd Amendment

Featuring Choctaw Truth and Patient Zero

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The Khonsu Band

The Khonsu Band is a three piece alternative rock band that is currently working on their first studio album at Unwired Records.. 


Scissortail is a duo out of southeast Oklahoma that plays country music with a folk and Americana vibe. The duo consist of Trey Lockhart and Seth Patterson who have been playing together since 2008.

Hitman and the lyrical assassins

The Lyrical Assassins have always been a collection of freestyle artists.  The original group was created by hip-hop producer Nathan Underwood in 2001.  The first line up of artist consisted of Nate P., MaddMann Magazine, Anton, Zay, Flex G, Bobkat, Buss 1, and Zone. The Hitman and his Lyrical Assassins first album titled "Streets" was released in Minneapolis Minnesota in 2002, and developed a cult following.  The Lyrical assassins was rebooted in the summer of 2007 with a new line up of frestyle artists Kox, Dree, Texxas J, Matrix X, Ace, Spencer, and JQ.  The Hitman and his Lyrical Assassins under Unwired Records released a 3 part series to the hip-hop musical experiment classically titled, 10 days (2008) Strange Days (2009) and End of Days (2010), and generated a small underground following.  The group disbanded in 2010 and the lyrical artists went on to record a collection of mix tapes and performed throughout the Midwest.  
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